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a revelation to the corporate word, is predominantly a society that's build on socioeconomic commitments by a group of multitalented young engineers.Our projects are aimed to make policy interventions through research and development in areas of construction, finance, supply chain management and agroforestry which cover the entire socioeconomic spectrum.

In the area of construction our focus is on introducing best practices from across the globe to our neighbourhood and improvise on these methods to reduce the cost without compromising on the quality and safety.

The core values that has help make GREENS a reality, have weaved an unique vision to promote ideas and projects by investing in sustainable eco friendly endeavours that shall help create a new and just economic structure.

Green Society

In financial sector, our interventions are focused in strengthening microeconomic fundamentals. Improving the microfinance and microcredit accessibility of the common man through micro loans, nidhi schemes etc.

In the area of supply chain management, we are investing in innovative approaches which can improve the profit share of primary cultivators by reducing the middlemen interference.

Green Society

Agroforestry will help us connect to our roots, of living closer to the pristine nature and reduce our carbon footprint. We at GREENS is focused on creating a network of small groups that will help spread the idea and improve the green cover while increasing the overall productivity.


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Join Greens to be a part of the Team and connect to our roots, of living closer to the pristine nature and reduce our carbon foot pristine nature and reduce our carbon

Green Society

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